Are you ready to live
your porn free life?

In my 12 week program, most clients are FREE OF PORN IN 6 WEEKS!

Are you ready to live
your porn free life?

In my 12 week program, most clients are FREE OF PORN IN 6 WEEKS!

You can be free of porn.

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Checkout my Top 3 Tips For Quitting Porn.

Hi, I’m Matt Smith.

and I help men quit porn!

Are you tired of fighting this battle?
Are you losing more than you’re winning? 
Are you at your breaking point and all you want to do is stop watching porn? 

That’s exactly where I was just a few short years ago.

I had tried EVERYTHING! 

– Multiple therapies & therapists.

– Hours upon hours of 12-step meetings choking down the words, Hi I’m Matt S and I am addicted to porn.

Every program, pdf and online course you could imagine.

It wasn’t until I hired a coach who had been there and done that was I able to FINALLY BREAK FREE! 

Now, I am a coach and I have definately been there and done that and I can show you how in as little as 6 weeks! 

Book a free call with me to find out more.  

Quitting porn will be one of the happiest moments of your life!

Your confidence will sky rocket!

No more fighting urges, no more lying, no more secrets & no more shame.
Instead you’ll have unbelievable self confidence knowing that you conquered one of the hardest addictions known to man.

On top of that, the knowledge & tools you’ll recieve will help you conquer stress, fear, anxiety and any other thing holding you back. 

Imagine quitting porn, having massive self confidence AND having the skill to face anything.

How much better would your life be if you had all of these skills? 

“It’s hard for me to express my gratitude to Matt and his program. What he teaches will open your eyes to the way you think and feel. He will walk you through the process of changing your life and be at your side through it all.”


“Before enrolling in coaching, I was living a life of misery. I felt stuck, using pornography to distract myself. Matt’s genuine desire to help guys in my position pushed me to go all in with his course. It was the best investment I’ve made to date.”


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Do you want to be held accountable?

You have SO MUCH MORE belief in yourself handling urges than you ever had before.
The ENTIRE GAME has changed because your entire mindset has shifted.
You showed up to every session, you did all the work and you FINALLY quit porn. 
To me that looks like holding yourself accountable? What do you think?

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Why Are Urges For Porn So Hard?

Why are urges for porn so hard?

Urges for porn are so hard because they FEEL like they’re real. You actually BELIEVE that you want to look at porn. That’s like INSANITY because only hours before you were swearing up and down on your life that you were done with it.

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