Coaching men to quit porn, save their relationships, and take back their control

Coaching men to quit porn, save their relationships, and take back their control

Hi, I’m Matt Smith, and I coach men to free them from porn addiction.

For most of my adult life, I used porn. My inability to manage my thoughts and emotions led me to porn addiction, my lack of control caused a ton of problems throughout my life and cost me a relationship that I dearly loved. Not to mention hundreds of other less impactful but still negative things in my life. ⁠

I knew something needed to change.

I had my own guilt and shame I needed to work through and I decided I needed to master my mind and emotions to cope.

When my relationship ended, I had been in a self-study mindset coaching program to learn how to manage my mind. I quickly realized that I wasn’t going to master it by a self-study program and in order to master it, I had to teach it and the best way to teach it was to become a Certified coach. While I had no intention of becoming a coach when I signed up — I just wanted to learn the skill for myself — after one month I knew I wanted to be a coach.

I also didn’t plan to become a porn addiction coach, but as time went on and I became more confident with who I am, I realized it was the perfect niche for me to coach on because I’ve lived it and I know so much about it.

The question then became…

“If I can help someone get free of porn addiction, why wouldn’t I?”

This question is what ultimately led me to my decision to become a porn addiction coach. ⁠⁠

Once I became Certified and learned how the mind works, I realized the impact that would have for people who wanted to have absolute freedom from porn and became passionately driven to help.

And now, I'm on a mission to help as many people as I can get free of porn addiction. ⁠

I see porn addiction as another type of pandemic that is impacting millions of people. ⁠

In my journey through porn addiction, I’ve tried many many things to get free of it. ⁠I tried therapy, 12-step programs, religion, education, hypnosis, etc. ⁠

The one I’ve had THE most success with was mindset coaching because it allowed me to see how much power we have just by using our own thoughts.

Mindset Coaching allowed me to:

We can decide right now that we are free from porn forever just with the power of our minds.

You have this power, I have this power, we all have this power and I can show you how! ⁠
The power of decision is one of the strongest powers we have. ⁠We just have to start using it so that we get better at it. ⁠The more you do it, the better you get at it⁠. This is my part, this is what I do. Come talk to me if you need help.