Don’t give up when you slip up.

Have you heard that term before? I hadn’t until this weekend and thought it applies so much to quitting porn. Afterall, how many times have you slipped up on porn and just thought about giving up?

When you slip on porn a lot and you can’t figure out how to make it stop, you’re going to get to the point where you consider giving up.

You’ll think that you’ve tried everything, nothing works, and you just want to quit trying to stop. You want to throw in the towel. It’s very understandable after all how many times do you need to really slip up before you do really give up?

When do you decide that enough is enough and you can’t do it anymore?

If you’ve done it enough times you might get to the point that I’ve been at a few times where you’ll say I guess I’m just a person who looks at porn and accept it.

That’s such a sucky place to be at but it’s understandable. Luckily, we’re not a group of people who do give up. We don’t surrender which is why you’re reading this and why I’m writing this.

If you’re here reading this, no matter how defeated you feel, you’ve not fully surrendered yet BECAUSE you’re reading this. If you fully surrendered, you would not be reading this (you’d probably be watching porn instead haha).

I’ve heard this great analogy from Tony Robbins, he said, “how much time do you give a baby to learn to walk before you give up?”

I think that’s so great because the idea that someone who can walk isn’t going to learn to walk is absurd. It’s just not going to happen. Everyone who can walk will learn to walk. It’s not just an expectation, it’s the truth, it’s a fact (even though it is not).

What if you took that same determinism and applied it to quitting porn? How would you approach quitting porn differently if you KNEW that ultimately you would figure it out?

What would you say or think about yourself when you slip up on porn if you knew that at some point you would figure how stop?

Giving up wouldn’t even be considered. You’d slip up and then get right up and start over. You’d look at why you slipped up and learn from that so that you could get to your expected destination.

There would be no question and a whole heck of a lot of drama about it. You’d not make it mean something personal about yourself. You’d just get right up and keep going.

So, on this beautiful day that you have ahead of you, how will you approach quitting porn with the mindset of knowing that you will get there?

What will you do differently that you’ve not considered before?

What will you make your last slip up mean (or your next one) if you knew you were ultimately going to succeed?


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