In the zoom meeting where I meet potential clients and tell them all about quitting porn through coaching, I often get asked, am I an accountability partner or can I be one.

I’m not an accountability partner BUT my clients learn how to be accountable to themselves just by doing the work.

By showing up every week, doing the work, seeing the results (and being blown away by them), we create accountability for ourselves.

When we see the results of the work we’ve been putting in, we learn to trust ourselves again and be accountable to ourselves. 

I get it, you’ve failed so many times now that all you have is evidence that you can’t trust yourself, that you can’t hold yourself accountable. 

It’s a sucky place to be in but perfectly understandable. Afterall, how are we to trust ourselves if all we have is evidence that we can’t. 

And if we can’t trust ourselves then how can we possibly think that we can quit porn?

I know it’s hard to see but trust me, the process works. You build trust in yourself just be following the process.

Here’s how it will work for you specifically.

You start coaching with me, you show up every week to the zoom calls.

We’re on Whatsapp, we’re talking everyday or every few days.

You’re doing the work, you’re doing the downloads, you created a protocol and you’re sticking with it.

You have some wins and some “losses” but you’re learning and getting better. 

You’re less stressed because you know how to manage stress better.

As a result, you have less urges and the urges you do have, are nothing because you’ve learned how to handle them.

You do all this work and suddenly, next thing you know it’s been a while since you looked at porn.

You gotta think back because it’s been more than a few days.

Then you realize, you’ve done it, YOU’VE GONE A MONTH WITHOUT PORN!


You Quit Porn!!

That’s the breakthrough moment and life is never the same again.

Your life Free of Porn has started.

That’s how it goes for most of my clients and it’s usually 6 weeks to my 3 month program.

There might be a slip or two after maybe more, maybe less, maybe none.

Overall though, urges become no big deal because you know what to do and you’ve done it enough times now it’s almost automatic.

You have SO MUCH MORE belief in yourself handling urges than you ever had before.

The ENTIRE GAME has changed because your entire mindset has shifted.

You showed up to every session, you did all the work and you FINALLY quit porn. 

To me that looks like holding yourself accountable? What do you think?

IF that’s the transformation you seek my name is Matt Smith and I coach men to help them quit porn and I CAN HELP YOU!

If you are ready to quit porn for real, let’s jump on zoom and let me show you how.

Go to this link below and schedule time with me now. 

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You can be free of porn.

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