Check out this AMAZING success story!

I’m so excited to share this with you, I LOVE when my clients get the results they want.

I know they’re extremely happy but sometimes I think I’m even happier than they are.

Mike (not his real name) contacted me in December, right before New Year’s.
He had been looking at porn several times a week and was struggling to get out of it.
He had tried nofap but couldn’t make it work so he wanted to see what coaching was all about.

We talked for about an hour getting to know one another. He told
me his story about how he got into watching porn and how it had become a thing he
used it to deal with stress and just overall boredom.

I coached Mike for 3 months as part of my program, meeting
up on zoom weekly. I taught him how the brain works and why it’s addicted to
porn. I gave him tools to use and exercises to expand his thinking. We talked on
whatsapp whenever we needed to.

Mike immediately started using the tools I gave him and started
seeing results right away. His porn usage dropped from several times a week to
once or twice every other week and then towards the end nothing at all.

At the end I wasn’t even coaching him on porn addiction anymore
because it just wasn’t a thing for him. He learned how to manage his mind instead and he didn’t need it anymore.

This happens with all my clients, we started out coaching on
porn and then we got into the root causes. Porn is never the REAL issue, it is
just a symptom of the real issue. The real issues are always stress, anxiety,
self- doubt, fear or just plain old boredom.

In Mikes case, he was dealing with a lot of stress. Stress
about work, about life and even stress about his porn addiction.

The funny thing about being stressed about using porn is
that you typically use more porn to alleviate the stress.

It’s totally messed up but that’s how the brain works.

(It actually makes a ton of sense once you see how it all

Here’s some feedback from Mike about my program.

I have read every reddit/NoFap suggestion out there and
applied just about all of them (Once I sold my smart phone and utilized a flip
phone for a month – Didn’t work).  Matts
plan attacks the root of this issue. We went at defeating porn in a way I have
never tried and after three months I can honestly say it worked. I always knew
if I quit porn my life would be changed for the better. Unfortunately, I could
never do it on my own. Matts program not only helped me defeat my porn
addiction, but also mend relationships with my family, change my view of
myself, and alter the course of my life

How AMAZING is that?!?!?!?!

Mike had the skills and the power to do this all on his own (just like YOU do!),
he just needed a little direction and some tools in order to make it
a reality (just like YOU do!).

When I see guys like Mike turn it around in 3 months, I know
they’ve taken the concepts I’m teaching and successfully applied them. The
results speak for themselves, and it is AWESOME!!

One of the best things about Mike’s recovery was his dating
life. When we met, he wasn’t dating that much because he didn’t have much confidence
in himself (thank you porn addiction). Towards the end he was going on multiple
dates per week and meeting new women all the time.

He was going on so many dates, I was about to start asking
him for some dating tips!

I would say my biggest result is my dating life. I never
had a strong desire to date women in the past. I would scroll through dating
apps and essentially look for the most voluptuous women. If I did get a date
with one, I would have such a low desire to establish a true relationship. I
now go on dates with many beautiful women and feel like I am someone they would
also want to be with. A porn free life has changed who I am, and in turn
allowed me to be more attractive to the opposite sex.

How great is that?

Mike’s entire mindset has changed and now he’s more self-assured
and confident all because he’s done the work and gotten porn out of his life.

Personally, I find Mike’s story very inspiring. I love it when
people break free of porn and start living the life they were meant to live.

How about you? Are you ready for a change in your life? Are you
ready to finally quit porn and start living the life that you were meant to live?

YOU could be my next success story! I could be writing about
your AMAZING recovery in 3 months.

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