Have you tried EVERYTHING only to find NOTHING works?

Have you tried everything and found that nothing works, or some things work for a little while but then they don’t?

That is frustrating right?

I’ve been there before, and it SUCKS!

You feel hopeless and think about giving up.

There are 2 reasons a majority of things out there don’t work.

The first is that we give up too early. We’re very much into the quick fix and when that fix doesn’t work, we give up and start looking for the next quick fix. We don’t take the time to analyze why it didn’t work and what could we do differently to make it work.

I believe a majority of the fixes out there would work if people stuck to them BUT the problem is they’re typically too difficult to stick to in the long run. They’re either over complicated or boring and so they phase out.

Think about it, you’re trying to replace an act that creates an enormous amount of physical pleasure and replace it with 50 pushups (as an example)? How is that ever going to work?

The second reason why a majority of things out there don’t work is that most of the things we try and are suggested are “action based” meaning you take actions. You do a bunch of things or not do a bunch of things to get results.

Again, 50 pushups every time you have an urge for porn.

At first that seems to make sense, right? I know it did for me when I heard it, but the problem was, I couldn’t get myself to stick to it. I’d be too tired, or I’d be in bed and not feel like getting up to do them, so I’d give up.

The problem with Action based solutions is that we have to force ourselves to do them which when faced with the pleasures of looking at porn and masturbating is going to lose EVERY SINGLE TIME!

Action base solutions are not long-term solutions. They’re short-term band-aids that do not address the root of the problem which is your thinking.

Think about it (again pun intended), you look at porn because of how you’re feeling. You’re feeling emotions because of thoughts that you are thinking.

For example, you see a woman on the street, and you think “she’s hot!”. Next thing you know you feel desire and an urge to watch porn and masturbate.

All of that is the result of your thinking. You thought thoughts about the hot woman and that created desire for you. The hot woman didn’t create that desire, your thoughts did.

How do we know this? We know this because not everyone who looks at that woman thinks she’s hot. Some are not attracted to her at all, and some are probably turned off by her.

So, this means your thinking is responsible for you looking at porn not anything else. This is great news because you change your thinking. You can think different thoughts.

Now this may seem simple, but I promise you it’s not easy. Anyone who’s tried it finds out quickly that changing your thinking is difficult because as hard as you try your brain automatically goes backs to your old thoughts by default.

This is because of your conditioning which means you’ve thought the same way for 20 years now, so you’re conditioned to think the way that you do.

You’re programmed to think that way, so your brain is going to resist changing to anything new.

This may seem discouraging but don’t worry, I got you. This is where the real power of mindset coaching comes in to save the day.

Mindset coaching is all about changing those default thoughts. It’s about changing your thoughts and your beliefs so that you ultimately can get the results you want in your life.

Mindset coaching is what I teach in my programs, and I can tell you firsthand that the results are AWESOME!!

They are MIND BLOWING!! and you’ll never see anything like this IN YOUR LIFE!! I promise you this!

ok, let’s wrap this up.

So far, we’ve talked about the 2 main reasons why most quitting porn methods don’t work and they are

  1. People don’t stick to things because they’re too complicated or too boring
  2. Actions based methods don’t work because we have to force ourselves to do things we don’t want to do (and if were really great at forcing ourselves to do things we don’t want to, porn would not be a problem in our lives)

We also talked about how it is our thinking that is responsible for the results in our lives and mindset coaching is all about changing your thinking.

So how does all of this come together?

Here’s how, mindset coaching trains you to change your thoughts so that you can get the results you want in your life.

When we face reasons #1 People don’t stick to things, you address that with… mindset coaching.

You use the tools I teach you to address those thoughts that prevent you from sticking to things.

It’s too boring? Ok, guess what, that’s a thought, let’s tackle that mindset coaching.

It’s too difficult? Ok, that’s another thought, lets use mindset coaching on that too.

When we face reason #2 Action based methods don’t work, we again use mindset coaching to address the thoughts that are blocking you.

In this case mindset coaching isn’t an action-based method because we’re addressing the thoughts, however using the tools I teach you is an action in itself so if you’re blocking yourself from using them, we address that in coaching.

Ok, we’ve covered a lot of ground here but if you have questions and want to know more, feel free to book a free discovery session with me to find out more OR send me DM on IG @MattSmithCoaching

Mindset coaching is the answer to everything and THE BEST WAY TO QUIT PORN HANDS DOWN!

If you’re ready to stop and I mean REALLY READY TO STOP, reach out to me and let’s get started today!

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