I got laid off!

Check this out, I was recently laid off from my corporate IT job of 17 years, this is what I posted in my LinkedIn.


Hey everyone,

It’s been a solid week since I was laid off and it’s been THE BEST WEEK EVER!!

Seriously, getting free of the corporate life was so incredibly freeing mentally, I can’t even describe.

I decided that I’ve had enough of corporate life and want to do something that actually helps people.

A few years ago I became a certified coach so that I could help men get free of porn because this was something that I suffered from for a long time.

Having been through this myself, I know first hand how hard it is to stop watching porn.

I know how maddening it is to be doing something that you are deeply & incredibly ashamed of, BUT feel powerless to stop it.

oh how I know that powerless feeling, so so well.

That said, I am taking on new clients.

I am looking for men who have had enough of watching porn and are ready to take action!

The perfect client for me is someone who is suffering from porn addiction (meaning they use it several times a week) and they really want to stop but cannot. They’ve tried a few things with limited success but discovering that nothing really works.

This might be you (gasp) or someone you know!

Feel free to reach out and send me a message or you can check out my website MattSmithCoaching.com 

  • ps I’m starting a program specifially for IT professionals because having been an engineer for 20 years, I can see the parallels of how information systems work and how our minds work. If you work in IT or just have a logical brain, this will be for you.
  • also I’m also starting couples program called the Thriving Couples Club with a super star coach named Kendra Last. We are creating a program where we’ll each coach a partner in the relationship to help them overcome pornography and save their marriage.

That’s it, I’m now a Full Time Coach!! 

It’s not how I envisioned it, but I will surely take it! 

That said, If you want to quit porn, book a session here, LET’S GO!!!!!

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You can be free of porn.

I know because I’ve been there and now I coach men through their porn addiction. Ready to change your life? Download my Top 3 Tips For Quitting Porn.

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