I’m doing a workshop called  **Overcoming Urges** coming up in two weeks.

📅 **Date:** Monday, July 15th  

🕕 **Time:** 6 PM  

📍 **Where:** Zoom

I’ll be talking about all things urges and, most importantly, how to overcome them.

Quitting porn is tough because those urges are hard to resist. But if you get to know more about them and understand them better, you’ll be in a much stronger position to handle them when they come up.

As Benjamin Franklin said, “Failure to plan is planning to fail.” This is one of the reasons many guys struggle with porn.

We often start by saying, “I’m never going to look at it again!” and try to resist. When that doesn’t work, we think, “I’ll be stronger next time,” and try again.

This cycle keeps going over and over again and very quickly we start questioning whether we can quit at all. 

It’s crazy, right?

The struggle, the self-doubt—all these factors play a part in your success in getting free of porn.

These are what we’ll be talking about in the workshop. 

I hope you can join me! 

Click the Sign up below to join.

See you there.


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