Do you want to be held accountable?

You have SO MUCH MORE belief in yourself handling urges than you ever had before.
The ENTIRE GAME has changed because your entire mindset has shifted.
You showed up to every session, you did all the work and you FINALLY quit porn. 
To me that looks like holding yourself accountable? What do you think?

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Why Are Urges For Porn So Hard?

Why are urges for porn so hard?

Urges for porn are so hard because they FEEL like they’re real. You actually BELIEVE that you want to look at porn. That’s like INSANITY because only hours before you were swearing up and down on your life that you were done with it.

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I got laid off!

Having been through this myself, I know first hand how hard it is to stop watching porn.

I know how maddening it is to be doing something that you are deeply & incredibly ashamed of, BUT feel powerless to stop it.

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Is it too hard to quit porn?

If you think it’s too hard…
You’ll make it harder for yourself by self-sabotaging.
You’ll doubt your ability to quit.
You’ll make it easier to stop trying, you’ll talk yourself into it.

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