Is it too hard to quit porn?

If you think it’s too hard…
You’ll make it harder for yourself by self-sabotaging.
You’ll doubt your ability to quit.
You’ll make it easier to stop trying, you’ll talk yourself into it.

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How my everything shifted when I quit porn

Before quitting porn, my headspace was a mess compared to where I’m at now. Here’s how it used to be:
– I’d watch porn regularly, maybe not every day, but often enough.
– Trying to quit was like a broken record. I’d get hyped up, then inevitably slip back into it within two weeks.
– Every time I felt that urge, I panicked, knowing a slip was coming.

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Quitting porn is all about changing your beliefs!

My life has changed RADICALLY since I quit porn via coaching.
I no longer fear urges
I no longer fear slipping
I no longer worry about porn
I no longer worry about the weekend and whether I’m going to watch porn or not

I no longer worry that my deep dark secret is going to come out

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Should you delete all your porn?

Should you delete ALL of your porn when quitting porn, or is it okay to keep some?
We all know the answer to this but stick around till the end; I have a Hot Tip that you can use if you really, really, really, really, really insist upon saving that one special video!

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